RTC on Community Living Knowledge Translation Events

The center uses meetings, teleconferences, webinars and other events to help disseminate our research findings to diverse target audiences.

Our research team meets with policymakers, disability advocates, service providers and people with disabilities to learn about their information needs and the types of dissemination activities and products that will be most useful to them. 

Stakeholder Events

  • Community Living Summit - This 2016 meeting brought together researchers, Center advisory members, representatives of national IL organizations, and representatives of national policymaking organizations.
  • Retreat for Partners, Advisors and IL Experts - This meeting was held Sept. 15-16, 2014 to provide progress updates on our interventions and plan knowledge translation activities and products. See the presentations made at the meeting.
  • Bridging Meeting - This meeting was held Apr. 16-17, 2013. This report (PDF available upon request) summarizes the event. 

Interactive Webinars

We conduct webinars about each research intervention, targeting individuals with disabilities, service providers and other professionals in the disability field.

Presentations at Scientific and Consumer Conferences

Our research partners make presentations at events such as the annual American Public Health Association and the American Psychological Association meetings that target disability researchers and allow for interaction between participants. Consumer-oriented presentations are made at the annual conferences of the National Council on Independent Living (NCIL) and the Association of Programs in Rural Independent Living (APRIL).