Resources: Presentations Made at Retreat in Houston

The RTC on Community Living hosted a retreat for its research partners, Scientific and Consumer Advisory Panel, and IL experts on Sept. 15-16, 2014 in Houston, Texas. The center’s research partners presented the following updates on the RTC on Community Living interventions, which are now in progress, and two related studies. Center staff members also discussed KT activities. 


Presentations from the meeting:

KT products provided at the meeting (PDFs available upon request) : 

  • Home and Community Accessibility in the American Housing Survey (Analysis of Secondary Data)

    Infographics: Housing for People with Disabilities - One infographic for all U.S. and one for Rural U.S.

  • Home Usability (Fair Housing Compliance Assessment and Advocacy) Intervention

    Fact sheet (PDF available upon request): A New Approach to Home Usability for People with Disabilities

  • Multiple Chronic Health Conditions (Analysis of Secondary Data)

    Infographic: Multiple Chronic Conditions Among People with Disabilities

    Fact sheet: Multiple Chronic Conditions Among People with Disabilities

    Poster: Multiple Chronic Conditions and Health Disparities among People with Disabilities Compared to People without Disabilities 

  • Does VR Effectively Support Community Living? (Analysis of Secondary Data)

    Fact sheet: How Do Vocational Rehabilitation Outcomes Vary Among Different Types of Living Arrangements?

  • Building Capacity for Full Community Participation (Intervention)

    Fact Sheet (PDF) and Infographic: Building Capacity to Promote Full Community Participation for People with Disabilities

  • Updating a Systematic Scoping Review of the Literature on Health Care Utilization and Receipt of Clinical Preventive Services by People with Disabilities (Systematic Scoping Review)