Disability History and Advocacy Videos

Free Wheeling (YouTube) - documentary about Ed Roberts, father of the independent living movement

The Power of 504 (Vimeo)- features the historic civil rights demonstration of people with disabilities in 1977, which resulted in the signing of the 504 Regulations, the first Federal Civil Rights Law protecting people with disabilities

People-First Language (YouTube) - a nice introduction in just 2 minutes

‚ÄčWhat's Disability to Me? (World Health Organization) - a series of videos about people with disabilities from the World Health Organization and the CDC

Rolling (thirteen.org) - behind-the-camera accounts from three Los Angeles residents who use wheelchairs

Independent Living Means ... (YouTube) - an animated video from Greece that illustrates the difference between IL and its absence

Gibson Shoots and Scores (YouTube) - one of our local heroes in Lawrence, Kansas, perseveres in the game Naismith invented

Health Care Issues for People with Disabilities

Access for Disabled Women (World Institute on Disability) - features tips for both the patient and doctor

Accessible Medical Exams (YouTube) -  also provides info for both people with disabilities and care providers

Healthcare Stories: Dianne Collins (Vimeo) - a physician with a disability discusses ways to improve care

National Center on Physical Activity and Disability Videos - videos about exercise for people with disabilities