Living Well with a Disability Resources

These resources are intended to enhance the material in the Living Well curriculum and support you in providing the workshop.

Funding Your Program

Funding Sources in Kansas and Kansas City Metro Area:


  • provides a wealth of information about healthy eating. 

    We especially recommend "Let's Eat for the Health of It" (PDF available upon request) and "Eating Better on a Budget" (PDF available upon request).
  • Sugar Stacks - See how much of the sweet stuff you're really eating!

Physical Activity


Health Issues in the News

  • Prevent Foodborne Illnesses (PDF available upon request)
  • Keys to a Healthy Life - This Newsweek feature provides guidance for every age.

Mental Health & Depression

  • Mental Health First Aid USA - a course to help the public identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders
  • The Depression Cure - by Stephen S. Ilardi, Ph.D. This book was written by a clinical psychology professor at KU. We recommend using this book in conjunction with Chapter 4: Depression in the LWWD curriculum.


  • The Barrier Free Healthcare Initiative in Boston is spearheaded by advocates, non-profit organizations, legal service providers, and lawyers whose goal is to eliminate the physical and programmatic barriers that people with disabilities face in obtaining healthcare.