Health Care Access for People with Disabilities

Findings: Access for People with IDD and Brain Injuries

The RTC/IL collaborated with the Disability Rights Center of Kansas to learn about the health care experiences of Kansans with IDD and Kansans with brain injuries. The following two reports provide recommendations on how to improve programs, policies and practices to improve access to health care for people with these specific disabilities.​

Resources for Health Care Providers from the RTC/IL

These are resources you can recommend to your healthcare providers. 

Online Training

  • Healthcare Access for Persons with Disabilities (on Kansas TRAIN)

    One CME/CNE is offered for $10.

    This course provides tips for delivering culturally sensitive, high quality care to adults and children with physical and sensory disabilities, along with solutions to common problems in serving patients with disabilities. 

    - The course is free to providers nationwide. One CME/CNE is available for $10. 

    - To enroll, go to the Kansas TRAIN homepage if you’re in Kansas. All others, go to the national TRAIN homepage. (First-time users create a login name and password.)

    - Search for “Healthcare Access for Persons with Disabilities,” course number 1025624. 

Other Resources