Knowledge Translation

The National Resource Center: Spreading the Word

The RTC/PICL has created the National Community Living Resource Center (NCLRC) to make information more available to individuals, organizations, and others who are seeking to increase community living and participation of people with disabilities. The NCLRC strives to be a nexus for research-based information, training, and technical assistance on this topic.

The NCLRC features a database to disseminate the findings of our systematic review of research studies focused on increasing community living and participation. It also provides information gathered through our collaborations with our Scientific and Consumer Advisory Panel, our partnering independent living organizations (the Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living and National Council on Independent Living), centers for independent living across the nation, and other stakeholders.

Research Briefs

Our project partners in Montana have produced several research briefs related to the usable housing study (RTC Rural):

Fact Sheets

As part of the "Out and About" intervention, RTC/PICL staff created fact sheets on disability legislation to help consumers know their rights. An additional fact sheet addresses social support. These topics were selected as a result of a national survey of centers for independent living, and members of the center's Scientist-Consumer Advisory Panel provided feedback on the content.

State-of-the-Science Conference: 

RTC/PICL presented its State-of-the-Science Conference on interventions and programs to improve community living outcomes for people with disabilities with webinars on September 8, 15, and 22 of 2021. Slide decks for the presentations and videos of the webinars are available at the PICL State-of-the-Science webpage. Research presented during the State-of-the-Science Conference is also available within a special issue of the Disability and Health Journal, titled Improving Community Participation for People with Mobility Disabilities.

Community Living Summit: 

In collaboration with the National Council on Independent Living (NCIL), RTC/PICL presented its Community Living Summit to share information and resources, including the National Community Living Resource CenterHome Usability ProgramOut and About, and Home Mods Fact Sheet with CILs and SILCs across the country. Webinar recordings are available at the PICL Community Living Summit webpage.