Public Policy

Findings: Access for People with IDD and Brain Injuries

The RTC/IL collaborated with the Disability Rights Center of Kansas to learn about the health care experiences of Kansans with IDD and Kansans with brain injuries. The following two reports provide recommendations on how to improve programs, policies and practices to improve access to health care for people with these specific disabilities.‚Äč

  • Improving Access to Health Care for Kansans with Brain Injuries (PDF available upon request)
  • Improving Access to Health Care for Kansans with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (PDF)

Mental Disability and the ADA: Public Policy in the Courtroom 

Beginning with a brief overview of the Americans With Disabilities Act, Mental Disability and the ADA: Public Policy in the Courtroom explores the issues of disability, direct threat, and reasonable accommodations as they apply to people with psychiatric disabilities with an emphasis on relevant court decisions. Author: M. Rempfer

Building Consumer Consensus on IL Using the Concerns Report (PDF available upon request)

By asking people with intellectual disability, brain injury, and psychiatric disabilities to identify their independent living needs, a method to develop interventions and accommodations that will result in increased and improved center for independent living services was illustrated. Author: J. G. Youngbauer