MICL Dissemination and Knowledge Translation Products

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Publications

Project T-3: Advanced Science Initiative: A Systematic Review of Participation:

  • Tom Seekins, William Shunkamolah, Michael Bertsche, Colin Cowart, Jean Ann Summers, Amanda Reichard, and Glen White published “A systematic scoping review of measures of participation in disability and rehabilitation research: A preliminary report of findings” in the Oct. 2012 issue of Disability and Health Journal. Read at Science Direct

Projects R-2: Measurement of Economic Utility and R-3: HCBS Waiver: Economic Utility and Related Health Outcomes:

Project R-5: CIL Services Effect on Community Participation:

Project R-6: Community Engagement Evaluation Project

On Research Design:

  • Tom Seekins and Glen White's article "Participatory Action Research Designs in Applied Disability and Rehabilitation Science: Protecting Against Threats to Social Validity" is in press at the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, scheduled for a January 2013 publication.

State-of-the-Science Conference

Our State-of-the-Science Conference, held in October 2010, disseminated Center findings to more than 150 attendees. Presentations for each project are linked.


Project R-1 Measurement Systems of Person X Environment Interactions:

Project R-5 CIL Services Effect on Community Participation:

  • Survey - CIL Staff Assessment of Services That Lead to Participation

Get.RIIL On-line Database - A tool that provides uniform access to disability research information.


Projects R-6 Community Engagement Evaluation Project and R-2: Measurement of Economic Utility:

Disability Resources for Healthcare Providers - Information to help providers improve the accessibility of their practices as well as their understanding of the healthcare needs of people with disabilities.


Poster Presentations

See the posters linked under Community Participation Research on our RTC/IL Resources/Publication pages. These posters were presented at a variety of professional conferences.


Please visit the RTC/IL YouTube Channel site for videos or see the individual project pages for an embedded video.