MICL Research Projects

The MICL partners are conducting the following studies, which respond to National Institute on Disability Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) research requests.

To learn more about each project, just click on the title below or click on the Project number in the left menu. Fact sheets and research posters are linked on each project's page and on RTC/IL Resources.

  • R-1: Measurement Systems of Person x Environment Interactions further develops and refine a system of measurement that examines the person and environment factors that function as either as barriers of facilitators to community participation of people with disabilities. This information will help researchers and practitioners develop new approaches for improving community participation.
  • R-2: Measurement of Economic Utility provides foundational materials for measuring the costs and benefits of policies and practices that maximize independence and participation for individuals with disabilities.
  • R-3: HCBS Waiver: Economic Utility and Related Health Outcomes creates and uses a measure to better understand the effect and cost use of HCBS waivers on health care use and spending for individuals with physical disabilities. It also will measure and explore the relationship between community participation and health care use and spending among HCBS beneficiaries.
  • R-4: Enhancing Community Participation through Consumer Training measures a new personal assistant training program used at several sites that affects community participation of people with disabilities.
  • R-5CIL Services Effect on Community Participation assesses the effects of different center for independent living service examples. In particular, centers that offer basic services will be compared to centers that specifically help consumers more fully participate in the community.
  • R-6: Community Engagement Evaluation Project uses a grassroots approach to make needed environmental changes, including programs, practices, and policies to increase community participation.
  • R-7: Effects of an Information and Skills Training Package on Increasing Community Participation of Consumers with Mobility-Related Disabilities aims to increase community participation of CIL consumers with mobility-related disabilities through an information and skills training package.
  • T-3: Advanced Science Initiative: A Systematic Review of Participation Literature reviews existing literature to inform further research on full participation.